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Angie Frazier

The Adventures of a YA Novelist

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It's finally time for the Blue Cover Special!
Suzanna Snow
It's been way too long since I last hosted a giveaway here on my blog, so this week I'm running my Blue Cover Special, and there are going to be A LOT of winners :-)

There are a few things I’ve noticed lately in the YA world:
1.) Blue covers are popular
2.) Free stuff is always popular.
3.) YA is more popular than ever.

Me thinks a contest covering these things is in order.

Don’t worry. It isn’t going to be one of those complicated contests with multiple catches and requirements and fine print that make my eyes glaze over. The Blue Cover Special is being served up nice and easy, y’all.

The Winnings!

Four people will win one of the following:

EVERLASTING, by moi, Angie Frazier (signed ARC)
SEA, by Heidi Kling (ARC)
REVEALERS, by Amanda Marrone (signed finished copy)
ICE, by Sarah Beth Durst (signed finished copy)

Two more people will win an ICE bookmark

Five more people will win an EVERLASTING Swag Pack (bookmarks & buttons--the round one says "Secrets, Sailors, and Scoundrels. Oh My.")

One more person will win the SEA "Creamsicle Haze" swag pack compliments of the ever awesome Heidi R. Kling!! Signed mini Converse shoe and creamsicle stickers (once you've read SEA, you'll understand the creamsicle & Converse love).

Five more people will receive a SEA Swag Pack (bookmarks & postcards)

Now, let me tell you about my friend Heidi and her debut YA novel SEA. Our books are kind of like twins in that they are both:

-336 pages
-debuting in June
-have romantic blue covers
-involve an overseas adventure paired with romance and danger
-and we both have the same book trailer artist! Vania from Vania’s Life Captures has taken on EVERLASTING and a trailer will be forthcoming in June!!

If you haven’t read SEA, you should put it on your wish list! Here’s my Goodreads review:

“What a fantastic and original book! Addictive from the very first page, Sienna's story was one I could not get enough of. Her reluctant adventure into the aftermath of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami to try and help heal orphans who lost loved ones, ends up being a journey to her own healing. Sienna needs to find closure over the loss of her mother, who disappeared in a plane crash over the Indian Ocean years before though the wreckage has never been found. But to give up hope that her mother is some day coming home is a mountain that Sienna can't bring herself to climb. Sienna's heartache seems to transcend the pages of Heidi Kling's debut novel, and I stayed up many late nights to follow Sienna as she found a purpose in Indonesia, a mysterious boy named Deni to love, and ultimately a way to move on while still keeping her heart open. Heidi Kling writes with such confidence and grace, I felt like I was solidly beside Sienna through the entire book. I can't wait for another novel from her!”

Are you ready to enter? Then just:

-Leave a comment on this post for 1 entry
-Leave a comment with links to where you’ve blogged, Tweeted, Facebooked about the Blue Cover Special for 2 entries

The Blue Cover Special is open for entries until midnight on Friday, April 23!

And right now Heidi is also running a contest on her blog featuring EVERLASTING, so head on over there for another chance to win!

Sounds like a lot of fun Angie, thanks for posting. I look forward to reading your book. :)

These are some great covers and they all sound really good. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to read any of them. I'm looking forward to though.

I'm excited to read both of your books!!! Looks like blue is the new black! :)

Yayyy. Chances to win great blue books! Count me in please. :D

Oh, I'm definitely in ;)

What an awesome package! I tweeted this @rubygeorgann & blogged this rubygeorgann.blogspot.com

Hehe, you are right, blue + free stuff + ya: COOL!!

Please enter me to this contest!

magabygc AT gmail DOT com

How interesting that there are so many similarities between your books!

Great contest! I cant wait to read both Everlasting and Sea!:)

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/AnyaKapllani/status/12462458977


Enter me please!


Awesome contest! Blue books are so in-demand right now! :)
Oh, I want Sea and Everlasting sooo much. Please include me in the giveaway! Oh, and Heidi sent me here. :)

I blogged about it: http://shusky20.blogspot.com/2010/04/blue-book-contests.html

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/precious_shusky/status/12463670763

Thank you!