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Books, books, and more books!
Suzanna Snow
In bookish news, I must give a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my very own Suzanna Snow and her new mystery, THE MASTERMIND PLOT, out today!!

It's available on Amazon as a hardcover or eBook, B&N (though minus a cover image for some reason) in hardcover or NookBook, Powell's, IndieBound (again without a cover image...hmmm....) and of course, at your local Independent. Please, if you can't find the book on the shelves, ask a sales rep at the store to order it for you. It usually only takes a couple of days for it to come in and often times they'll order an extra copy to have in the store. Authors LOVE that :-) 

Haven't read the first Suzanna Snow? THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL is available everywhere in paperback!

Oh, and Kirkus has said some great things about THE MASTERMIND PLOT, including, "Set among Boston’s staid brownstones in 1904, the suspenseful plot unfolds from Zanna’s first-person perspective, punctuated by her pithy observations. Fans of Suzanna Snow’s first mystery will cheer her latest adventure."

Thank you, Kirkus! 

I truly hope to be able to write more Suzanna Snow mysteries in the future. My plate is kind of full at the moment (in many, many good ways!) but her next mystery is already percolating in my mind.

In other Book Excitement:

Y.S. Lee's third installment in her Agency series, A TRAITOR IN THE TUNNEL has released from Candlewick Press!! I love, love, love this series and its main character, Mary Quinn. Go read the first two if you haven't yet!

Sarah MacLean's newest adult romance, A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME, starts off her new series with Avon! I loved her first Love By Numbers series and her YA novel, The Season. Very much looking forward to reading her new one.

A.C. Gaughen's debut YA, SCARLET, has claimed the lead in my Favorite Books of 2012 so far. Her Robin Hood retelling is simply flawless. And look at that cover!!  

What have you read lately?

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I just read A Rogue By Any Other Name--really nicely done. Download it now!!!

Also just finished Running Blind by Lee Child. Loved it until the end. Sniff sniff. Needed one more revision to match up to the great book it HAD been.


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