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The Adventures of a YA Novelist

Wow, Angie, what a great contest!!! So cool. I will definitely post this on my blog, tweet, etc. That's some serious swag you're giving out...

Cool trailer.

I may or may not post a giveaway of an Everlasting galley on my blog when I post your trailer... I haven't decided yet. :/

- Cialina

You should!! Let me know if you do :-) And thanks!

oh is this international? :D

Good question! Yes, it's International :-)

Looks great Angie!
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I follow you on Twitter and retweeted it. :)

It's fantastic, Angie! Congrats!!! Will blog, FB, tweet - but can't right now . . . probably tomorrow, K? Just back from being gone for 9 days and my first book launch party! 100 people, 80 books sold!!! YAY!

Congrats Kimberley!!! That is fantastic!!

The trailer looks fantastic!! Vania always makes such great trailers. C:

Also, thanks for an awesome giveaway!
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Oooh, so pretty!

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Can't wait to read the book!

GREAT CONTEST! Really!!!!!

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Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
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Thank you for this chance!

Giada M.

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Please, enter me!

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Tks ;)

Great Trailer!
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Cassandra C

Congrats Angie! :) And thanks for the giveaway!

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Mindful Musigns

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Oh gosh, the trailier is amazing ! I've been wanting to read your book for so long but I've never been able to pick it up ! And watching the trailer only makes it worse...But thank you for this fantastic contest !

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Thank you so much ! And congrats on the trailer release !


I loved the trailer! Can't wait for the book!!!!!

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Love the trailer and I've watched it a couple times already.

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Jenny N

Wow, great contest!! And the trailer is gorgeous! :)

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The trailer is lovely and I agree about the music! Vania certainly does awesome work. I tweeted about it this morning.

Hi Angie! This is a great contest. Here are my entries.
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Thanks Angie! The trailer is really good btw.


I absolutely love the trailer!!!

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:) Erica

Thanks for such a great contest! I spread the word and embedded your book trailer on my blog. Love the trailer :)

Thank you so much for the contest.

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Great Prizes! I hope I win.

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