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EVERLASTING Book Trailer!! (and Super Mega YA Giveaway!)
Suzanna Snow
I am so excited to finally be able to share the book trailer for EVERLASTING!! Vania from Vania's Life Captures has created a gorgeous trailer, complete with period costume, live action, amazing music, and images that make me want to be right there on the beach with Camille and Oscar.

To celebrate the trailer’s release, I'm hosting a massive YA giveaway!! Lots of goodies + lots of winners = lots of happy people. We like happy. :-) 

Signed Books:

EVERLASTING, by Angie Frazier

SEA, by Heidi R. Kling

THE DEATHDAY LETTER, by Shaun Hutchinson

13 TO LIFE, by Shannon Delany (including a signed mini poster and 2 pins)

THE SNOWBALL EFFECT, by Holly Nicole Hoxter


THE RISE OF RENEGADE X, by Chelsea Campbell

WHISPER, by Phoebe Kitanidis

NICE AND MEAN, by Jessica Leader


Swag from these awesome Tenners: Leah Cypess (MISTWOOD), Jennifer Hubbard (THE SECRET YEAR), Denise Jaden (LOSING FAITH), Mindi Scott (FREEFALL), Holly Nicole Hoxter (THE SNOWBALL EFFECT), Chelsea Campbell (THE RISE OF RENEGADE X), Margie Gelbwasser (INCONVENIENT), Jessica Leader (NICE AND MEAN), Jen Nadol (THE MARK), and Amy Brecount White (FORGET HER NOTS).

And to top it all off, I’ll be donating 5 signed copies of EVERLASTING for a book club or library when the trailer reaches 1,000 views on YouTube!

So what do you do to enter to win some of these prizes? Get the EVERLASTING trailer out there! Post it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter…get it out there and everywhere! Just leave a comment here telling me how you've shared the trailer. The contest runs from today through Friday, July 23! 

+1 for embedding the trailer on your blog/Facebook
+1 for linking the trailer from Twitter
+1 for commenting on YouTube
+1 for following @angie_frazier on Twitter

Making it easy for you! To embed the trailer, simply copy and paste the code inside the box into your post!

So, without further adieu....

Wow, Angie, what a great contest!!! So cool. I will definitely post this on my blog, tweet, etc. That's some serious swag you're giving out...

Cool trailer.

I may or may not post a giveaway of an Everlasting galley on my blog when I post your trailer... I haven't decided yet. :/

- Cialina

You should!! Let me know if you do :-) And thanks!

oh is this international? :D

Good question! Yes, it's International :-)

Looks great Angie!
*posted on my blog
*tweeted about it
*following on twitter @EllzReadz
*commented on youtube


I follow you on Twitter and retweeted it. :)

It's fantastic, Angie! Congrats!!! Will blog, FB, tweet - but can't right now . . . probably tomorrow, K? Just back from being gone for 9 days and my first book launch party! 100 people, 80 books sold!!! YAY!

Congrats Kimberley!!! That is fantastic!!

The trailer looks fantastic!! Vania always makes such great trailers. C:

Also, thanks for an awesome giveaway!
-I linked the trailer on my blog. (right at the top with The Dark Divine link C:)
-I tweeted a link to this post.
-I follow you on Twitter. (@chasingwords)
-I commented on Youtube. C:

Oooh, so pretty!

Have embedded on blog:

Linked on Twitter:

And am following you on Twitter to (am @splendibird)

So that is a total of +3

Can't wait to read the book!

GREAT CONTEST! Really!!!!!

I follow you on twitter :)

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
I shared the video on facebook!/profile.php?id=1661492532&v=wall&story_fbid=139610002731829&ref=mf

I follow you on twitter @hatshepsut0011

Thank you for this chance!

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

Please, enter me!

+1 Tweeted here:

+1 for commenting on YouTube

+1 for following @angie_frazier on Twitter
I'm @maridalchico

Tks ;)

Great Trailer!
+1 for facebook
+1 for tweet
+1 for following on twitter(CassayC)

Cassandra C

Congrats Angie! :) And thanks for the giveaway!

+1 Posted on Facebook
+1 Tweeted it here
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+1 Follow on Twitter (@mindfulmusings)

Mindful Musigns

I tweeted @lesleywyrites

Following you on twitter @lesleywyrites

Oh gosh, the trailier is amazing ! I've been wanting to read your book for so long but I've never been able to pick it up ! And watching the trailer only makes it worse...But thank you for this fantastic contest !

+1 Linking on Twitter
+1 Youtube Comment
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Total: 3

Thank you so much ! And congrats on the trailer release !


I loved the trailer! Can't wait for the book!!!!!

I follow on twitter: ylime1981
Commented on youtube: brandtylime

Love the trailer and I've watched it a couple times already.

+1 Embedded trailer on blog:

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+1 Commented on youtube (jen4777)

+1 Twitter follower (@Jullysay)

Jenny N

Wow, great contest!! And the trailer is gorgeous! :)

+1 for embedding the trailer on your blog:

+1 for linking the trailer from Twitter:

+1 for commenting on YouTube: magabygc

+1 for following @angie_frazier on Twitter: @magabygc


The trailer is lovely and I agree about the music! Vania certainly does awesome work. I tweeted about it this morning.

Hi Angie! This is a great contest. Here are my entries.
+1 Post trailer in my blog @
+1 twittered it from booklovereview
+1 commented on Youtube
+1 twitter follower

Thanks Angie! The trailer is really good btw.


I absolutely love the trailer!!!

I commented on you tube
I follow you on twitter @thebookcellarx
I tweeted:
I also posted on my blog about it:

:) Erica

Thanks for such a great contest! I spread the word and embedded your book trailer on my blog. Love the trailer :)

Thank you so much for the contest.

My blog


Twitter Follower KrysteyBelle

3 total =)

Great Prizes! I hope I win.

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