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One Month Later...
Suzanna Snow #2
Didn't I say I'd be back way sooner than this for a second Suzanna Snow giveaway? *bashful grin*

OK, so here it is! 

This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere and it will be running until next Thursday, Feb. 16. Just leave a comment here to be entered to win. Any Tweets and/or Blog posts about the contest are appreciated too, of course!

ETA: Here's a ready-made Tweet for you to copy and paste: I want to win THE MASTERMIND PLOT by @angie_frazier

ALSO if you haven't read Suzanna's first mystery yet, THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL, guess what? It will be in stock online starting Feb. 11 in paperback & as a Kindle eBook!!! I'm so excited for more kids to be able to get their hands on a less expensive version of the book, and hopefully whet their appetites for THE MASTERMIND PLOT, available Mar. 1. 

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Ooh, yes, please! I'd love to enter this giveaway. I can't wait to read about Suzanna's next adventure!

Ooh, yay! I'll enter! My girls are loving this series. :)

This sounds pretty awesome!

Ooh, enter me! Thank you, dear Angie! Love your Suzanna books!

And isn't it exciting to have your books come out in paper and Kindle? THE HEALING SPELL is out now in paperback and just released 3 days ago on Kindle! CIRCLE OF SECRETS launched on Kindle simultaneously with the hardback though. Interesting marketing strategies, eh?

Yay! Please enter me too!

I'd LOVE to win THE MASTERMIND PLOT by @angie_fraizer..!
I'm a budding novelist myself and I'd love for my books to be on the same level as yours..! :)


me too! I want Join too!

Oh, me please! I am in school to be a school librarian and I just can't wait for the second book! I also tweeted for you. :)

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