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Hello, again Suzanna Snow! (and a GIVEAWAY!)
Suzanna Snow #2

Happy happy happy. There is no other way to describe how it felt when I opened a package from Scholastic yesterday and saw the first few finished copies of Suzanna Snow's new mystery, THE MASTERMIND PLOT. 

I love Suzanna. Yes, I know, I wrote her and everything--I'm supposed to love her. But seriously, this girl makes me happy. She's the me I wanted to be when I was 11 or 12. Writing her character and stories is such a treat.

As you can see, there are only three copies here (one reserved for my biggest fans: Mom & Dad). But I want to give the other two away. This week, I'll be giving a copy to a librarian, teacher or book blogger who LOVED Suzanna's first mystery THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL. Next week, I'll put the last copy up for an open giveaway, where anyone and everyone can enter.

SO, if you have read THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL and can't wait to devour her newest mystery, enter this giveaway by leaving a comment. If you happen to have posted a review of THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL on your blog or on Goodreads or Amazon, go ahead and leave a link to the post (although it isn't required!).

I'll choose a recipient randomly next Friday! 

(Note: this is an international giveaway!)


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A new favorite character?!

Suzanna sounds like a girl I want to get to know/ and share! Please put me in your contest and I will go looking for book 1 :D
Thanks for the opportunity to share with my students and on my blog.


Thank you SO much for the chance to win. I loved The Midnight Tunnel.

My review is here, at my blog:

I simply can't wait to read The Mastermind Plot, as I adored The Midnight Tunnel!

Book review of your first Suzanna Snow mystery

Hi Angie,

I stopped by to link your website to my book review of 'The Midnight Tunnel' and found out you're giving away the sequel. Please sign me up. I'm a writing/book blogger and a homeschooler, so I think I qualify for it.

Here's the link if you're interested in the review.

Enjoy! : )


Oooo - can't wait to read #2!

Here's my review of The Midnight Tunnel:



A fresh new heroine for Nancy Drew fans!

I love your writing, Angie, and your ability to weave a lush setting with compelling characters. Thank you for creating a heroine with brains and spunk--my daughter and I loved THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL!

Here's a link to my review:

Thanks for the giveaway!

swengreen (at) gmail (dot) com

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